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  • Your home must have decorative lights

    Time:2016-05-31 Click:826
    They say that a person's personality living environment will have an important impact, want to do a fun and heart-warming children paper, the family must be warm and romantic Oh! Look Xiao Bian so endearing to know the small series can not be bland home Xiaobian friends ~ want to know how to make it? Now put the unique Cheats teach you on how to easily and effectively create a different kind of atmosphere of the house it? Out of the way! The lights!

    Golden iron ball light string

    Iron sealing glaze process, hollow gold star, high-end luxury, each bead lamp life of 50,000 hours, high quality assurance, can be assured use oh!

    Echinacea modeling led lights
    Pinecone shape of decorative lights really lovable, more holiday dress essential goods, warm and romantic feel warm. Wrapped around the tree, maybe a small squirrel will be attracted to the oh ~

    Small glass waterproof decorative light strings
    European standard round plug, individual large shiny, waterproof plastic irrigation whole sandwich, copper production of 1.6 thick line, a small glass sparkling, fast dress up your cabin now!