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  • With the progress of the times, courtyard building for the city to add luster

    Time:2016-05-31 Click:844
    With the progress of the times, people's quality of life become increasingly demanding, garden lights installed more and more common, garden lighting is not just for people to use, but also for urban construction to add a lot of color. Chun Yue landscape lighting professional production courtyard, courtyard garden lights and other lighting fixtures, as garden lights manufacturers, garden lights on the installation, we simply do the following summary:
    Garden lamp ground should be strictly in accordance with the drawings, to ensure safe, reliable, and should not be perpendicular to the ground, the slightest careless. Garden lights and lamps to basic fixed, bolt nut to complete, to prevent slipping. Each set of garden lights fuse should be configured, installed after the garden lights, the brightness should check on the lamp control is flexible, accurate, immediate problems such as power outages and repairs.
    Garden lights simple design has failed to meet people's needs, for example, landscape garden lights, garden lights courtyard, we should adapt to the needs of the times, in harmony with the environment and culture.