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  • Repair Yard Lights let Tuo night city more attractive

    Time:2016-05-31 Click:757
    It is understood that the municipal government through government investment and launch owners self way, in high standard of urban planning and construction of a number of garden lights project. Garden lights batch facility has been used the past eight years, plus the city's typhoon, heavy rain, frequent lightning weather influence, most projects have emerged lamp and light defects, a short circuit or broken sections, lighting signal confusion, not even light, etc. problems affecting the overall garden lights lighting effects, there are also a great security risk.
    Before Labor Day this year, the city invested about 500 million yuan, with "two way" and focus on the main entrance, before the Labor Day Emergency Repair 11 building. On the People's Square, Times Square, and Shanfen Beach Road, a total of 11 high-speed exits for emergency building repairs. The project has completed the lighting, the entire repair work less and less investment, good effect, by the public praise.
        To improve the lighting quality and location of major intersections, the city urban management department respectively Zhuchi - Tianshan Mountains, the Yangtze - Tianshan, Songshan - Hanjiang seven junctions in the installation of LED lamps for light pole 24, the northeast side of the green platform in Zhongshan retrofitted with LED garden lights 59, Xinjin Road update LED lights 46, Beach Road intermediate green belt settings lawn lamp 84, the former Municipal building platform installation green LED lawn, spot lights 72, with limited funds and a short time enhance the garden lights lighting levels
    It is reported that, in addition to the completed and functional garden lights lighting lighting projects that the city is stepping up efforts to repair and construction of a large number of projects, garden lights lighting Municipal Court, finance, sea fishing, construction of five buildings and repair upgrading, Speeding Guangdong tide theater building garden lights lighting projects. At the same time, mainly on the People's Square trees, stone walls Battery Park, garden lighting Zhongshan Road on the south side of the green belt repair transform and upgrade the garden lights lighting effects. It is reported that the Municipal Urban Management Bureau is to promote the LED lights EMC energy transformation project, the city's street lamps to LED all, while 26 life of more than 20 years of comprehensive reform road lights, when the city function lighting level will be greatly promotion.