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    2.2.4 LVD induction lamp
    LVD induction electrodeless fluorescent light source is the use of the new H-type discharge principle is made, the structure of the high frequency generator, power coupling coil, electrodeless fluorescent tubes. High-frequency energy coupled by a high-frequency generator power coupling coil to the plasma within the tubes, and the plasma excitation by light-emitting phosphor conversion.
    After battery power boost for LVD induction lamp power supply, because of LVD induction lamp itself has a high-frequency generator internal boost booster circuit, so its battery supply voltage requirements greatly reduced, as long as the system can provide the 150v voltage, LVD induction lamp can work. This makes the system require a number of solar cells can be significantly reduced, the cost will be reduced.
    Application Example 3
    80w solar cell using electromagnetic induction lamp in the annual average sunshine condition, the lamp at rated power 40w about 5 hours per night to work to meet the basic requirements for lighting at night. If the LVD induction lamp and solar electricity in combination, in a fully charged battery condition, powered by solar cells, low battery, mains power supply, which can greatly improve the stability and scope of the system.
    4 Conclusion
    LVD induction lamp solar energy to solar technology and closer integration with lamp technology, full advantage of both sides, is a new energy saving products. Another of its application in the field of lighting advantages is that it can greatly simplify the cumbersome lighting wiring problems, each light source is an independent operating system. With the development of solar technology and lamp technology, the performance of this new product will continue to improve, it will be as large in the future of lighting.